l began woodworking in 2005 after buying my house and becoming fast friends with my ~80 yr. old neighbor, and first woodworking mentor, "Hal".  Through his generosity, Hal introducing me to many of the fundamentals of woodworking, and set me on a journey to become a more educated and capable craftsman. 

Over the next decade I continued to refine my craft, project by project, and via classes at Boston's prestigious furniture making schools including The Furniture Institute of Massachusetts and The North Bennett Street School.  Thereafter, I began apprenticing with a full time maker and restorer, Freddy Roman, which brought my education to the next level and also integrated me into the regional fabric of professional furniture makers in New England.

More recently, I have again refocused my efforts toward unique art and design, translated through the medium of wood.  This has largely manifested in the form of decorative sushi boards and serving boards. It brings me deep personal satisfaction to know the pieces I make become family heirlooms.

My personal philosophy is three-fold: continue learning, continue pushing, and never let fear govern what is possible.